Wedding Update - Lots of News!

Well, it’s been a super busy and wonderful summer season!! So many great times and so many friends made already, and ALOT more to come yet :)

We have introduced some new systems to make it much easier (in terms of wedding planning) for the future couples sharing their special days at RiverRidge Retreat.

We have already come up with things that will eliminate lots of the hassle and stress for you….



Given your family and friends are coming to RRR for 3 days of celebrating, it can be hard work and really stressful, trying to sort out their food!

In the past, couples have had the choice to let their guests know about Friday night dinner,Saturday and Sunday breakfasts and Saturday lunch, but lets face it, you have enough to do right, haha!!

NB: re lunches we will now have onsite cabinet and takeaway food for them to buy instead of having to go into Owaka which is 10mins drive.

So if you are charging an accommodation subsidy back to your guests and using our complimentary wedding leaflet to go with your invitations, then the Friday night dinner (if they coming then), and Saturday and Sunday breakfasts are just included in the price, and you let your guests know this via your invitations.



Do you want more people staying onsite and not having to travel???

a. Cabins:

We now have Additional Accommodation Onsite – for 14 more people in double glazed new cabins! (So 7 new cabins in total)

These rooms house 2 people, either 2 single beds, or 1 queen bed!

New cabin for wedding guests


b. Glamping (Glamor Camping)

We have previously mentioned this, however this has got very big!, We now have a HUGE range of tents and sizes, so just let us know how many extras that would be keen and it’s all go. We pitch them, we put great beds in them, all made up with linen, towels, soaps etc in them, and all right near the modern facilities.


c. A new house for the Bride and Bridesmaids!

We now have, as part of RiverRidge Retreat, a new 3 bedroom house, located just 15-20 minutes away from the retreat. This can sleep up to 8 people. It comprises of a large, very modern, living area, large deck overlooking the native bush, with a spa to sit in with the girls with some bubbles :). This is a great option for the girls to stay in the night before and get ready in on the day, as lots of room to get ready, and reasonably priced too!

Wedding guest house


3. Marquee now included complimentary in your package ☺ for plan B for ceremony



4. Activities for the Bridal Party and Guests…

• New onsite permanent day spa by the river!!

All onsite and a special new facility we have done up, as a permanent spa room by the river for all your pampering needs for the day before your big day!! For anyone that is keen – nails, waxing, eyebrows, tinting, spray-tans, pedicures, manicures, facials, massage etc etc (ask me for full price list)

Spa for the brideSpa

• Platoon Paintball: awesome terrain for a real game of paintball, using the natural environment. Make it a Friday afternoon game - Awesome way to get the guests bonding, and something great to chat about later. Or something fun for all to do on the Saturday morning.

Paintball for the groom and guests

Paintball 2

• Clay Target Shooting: Another awesome way to have all interacting in a fun, dynamic way! This is a really popular activity for the bride and Groom to put on for their guests.

Clay target shooting

• Mountain Bikes: guests can hire the bikes and get some exercise in while exploring some amazing Catlins sites.

• Kayaking: As a group, we can kayak down the Catlins River 8km, and get picked up at the lake – an awesome experience that is on a safe river.

• Hunting: The groom and three of his chosen mates, can go out on the Friday and/or Sunday evenings for a look for a deer. Alternatively, we can go out for a night shoot and get rid of some rabbits.

• Eeling, fishing… the river that runs through the venue property, has plenty of trout and ells. You can have access to a couple of fishing rods and/or eeling spears. Complimentary.

Haha wow now i have put you to sleep with all the reading, that is all additions we are super excited to share.

Talk real soon

Adele :)


Just about Easter! Unbelievable how fast the year has gone - a Wedding every weekend makes the time fly by!

Amazing see all the unique wedding themes that Bride and Grooms choose - it seems like we have had the lot - yet the next wedding produces yet another stunning theme to suit their individual personalities.

Its been quite common to see the entire retreat set up like a festival - with signs directing wedding guests to the 'outdoor games area' the 'kids babysitting area', and the 'swimming hole', the 'scenic garden with cups of tea area' etc.

With 15acres of land to use, it makes good sense to utilize it all for your guests, make it a real weekend getaway and celebration.

It is great to see all the family and friends relaxing and going around the venue catching up while partaking in activities together. - In fact just last weekend I saw the water slide in full action the grandparents, parents, and children were all giving it a go! And just prior to this they were all giving clay target shooting a crack also. And that was all only on the first day!

Time and time again, we are told just how important it is for the bride and groom that their wedding lasts for more than just an afternoon and evening - being able to arrive on Friday morning and stay right through until Sunday or Monday means so much to them, having all their family and friends together for a few days.

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What's hot in Winter at RiverRidge Retreat

Winter hot or not?!

The Famous Catlins Rally is on this weekend. The road passing the retreat is closed for the entire weekend! Only a slight problem for us - because we hve future brides and grooms coming to the retreat every weekend over the winter - (as part of their wedding planning, we offer all future brides and grooms a complimentary stary for 2 nights, in our most luxurious units, so that they can plan the finer venue details for their special day)

I suppose 1 weekend out of 52 where the road is closed is not bad! And besides, the Catlin's Rally is a fantastic thing to watch and be involved with.

Although next year there will be 9 weddings at RiverRidge Retreat throughout the winter months so far. Winter weddings are now the 'in thing', at the retreat, future brides and grooms are loving the beautiful 'natural' winter photo opportunities, something different, and photos that capture the mist creeping over the mountain tops, and if they are lucky sometimes even capturing a white wedding! :)

Believe it or not - our own wedding day started, awakening to two foot of snow. It was absolutely stunning - especially as the sun was out and all we could see out of the retreat windows, was pieces of snow melting and falling off the native bushes. it was a real snugly feeling - all our loved ones and close friends, in the reception centre with the fire going, a real cosy moment.

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Our Baby Girl Khloe

RiverRidge's baby girl Khloe has just turned 3months young!

Khloe our wee daughter was born last year on November 25th. She has had one heck of a adventure to date! and so has her Mum and Dad :).

After sitting down over a wine last night, as a wedding reception was taking place, we were chatting about Khloes' experiences to date. There have been two major positives of being RiverRidges baby girl..

1. She has learned to sleep through the popular band named 'Noise Complaint'. This band certainly lives up to its name - Khloe whos bedroom is just up from the function centre has now slept through 13 wedding receptions since she was born haha. Thanks guys she can now sleep through anything!!

2. The caterers often pop up for a cuddle with Khloe. This is fantastic for Mum and Dad as they never come up empty handed - we have been getting some delicious deserts ! lol

Happy 3 month birthday darling

Mum and Dad (Gary and Adele)



Gorgeous Wedding at RiverRidge Retreat this weekend

Renee and Mikes Wedding!

Wow this Wedding of Renee and Mikes, and the journey leading up to it, was so special and fun, it feels like an end of an era now that they are all married and off today, I just had to share it!

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Film Crews at RiverRidge Retreat

Two Film Crews at RiverRidge Retreat

What an exciting couple of weeks at RiverRidge Retreat, we have been lucky enough to have two film crews stay with us here in the Catlin's whilst filming.

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Help Spread the Word About RiverRidge Retreat!

We are so happy how things are going here at RiverRidge Retreat in the heart of the Catlins and we honestly enjoy seeing our guests having a great time.

We would like to ask a favor to help spread the word about the Retreat.

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