General Retreats

Health & Wellness Retreats, for Your Body & Soul

Here at RiverRidge Health and Wellness retreats we understand that some people will prefer to attend a retreat that is more general in design. A retreat that still focuses on healthy eating and regular exercise, amongst nature’s paradise – to reset the body, mind and soul – yet one that does not delve deep into personal health development.

1. Body & Soul Retreat

This retreat is designed with flexibility in mind. You choose which classes you would like to attend each day. You choose how little or how much you would like to do on any given day.

This is a 7 day retreat that has been carefully constructed so that you can call it your ‘healthy holiday’

Unlike the ‘100% personalised retreats’ held at the RiverRidge venue, this is not an ‘immersion’ styled programme.

Simply, rest, relax and rejuvenate at your pleasure. Exercise when you feel. Order your (all included) La Carte meals, at your convenience, and partake in the (all included) daily activity, adventure or tour for the day, if you feel like it – or maybe you will decide to spend the day in one of the luxurious fresh water hot tubs. Or your body may be craving some heat, so spend some time in one of the state of the art Infra red saunas – It’s all up to you!

But, remember, to hop out in time for your ‘end of day’ (all included) daily massage.

Your Body, Mind and Soul will thank you for years to come for treating it to such health in and amongst nature’s paradise.

What is included in the Body and Soul Retreat


Accommodation for 8 nights in Eco styled Self Contained Cabins or Cabins with shared facilities (your choice).


Personalised La Carte styled daily meals for 7 days (3 meals per day included).



One daily education seminar.



Morning and afternoon group exercise classes to choose from: you can choose from Yoga, Pilates, Strength, Stretching, Boxing, Circuits, Bush walks, Jogs, Runs, HIIT.



One Personalised Strategy session.


End of day massage Personalised to you.



Daily Activity, Adventure or Tour in the stunning Catlin’s.


Hot tubs and Saunas to use.

Please send an email to and Gary or Adele will schedule a call with you, so together, both of you can have a chat about the retreat programme, and your goals.

2. Platoon Bootcamp

This is a 5 day regimented retreat that pushes the physical boundaries to ‘shock’ the system into fast cardiovascular and muscular results.

Coupled with high quality nutritional meals, this fitness and strength ‘results oriented’ boot camp will reset you, both on a physical and mental level.

Nothing complicated, but simply hard work, using a combination of exercise modalities, methods, techniques and types to achieve an extremely rewarding 5 day working week.

What is included in the Platoon Bootcamp?


6 night’s accommodation in your choice of Eco styled cabins – either fully self contained or shared facilities.


Meals for 5 days (three meals per day).



Group exercise sessions throughout the day using a combination of exercise modalities, techniques, methods and styles.



One personalised Strategy session.



End of Day Massages.


Hot tubs and Saunas to use.

Send an email to and Gary or Adele will schedule a call with you, so together, both of you, can have a chat about the programme and your goals.

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