About RiverRidge Health & Wellness Retreats

‘Custom - Made - Results’

The team at RiverRidge Health and Wellness Retreats do things differently, so that authenticity, transparency, personalisation, expertise and trust are at the forefront, ensuring you receive the health and wellbeing results you deserve.

The retreats at the RiverRidge venue have been categorised into two groups – 100 % Personalised Retreats and General Body and Soul Retreats.

1. 100% Personalised Retreats

The problem is there is an enormous amount of information out there on how we can become fit, healthy and productive.

Experts have vastly different opinions on how to maintain health; eat raw vs eat cooked only, vegan vs protein diet, do this kind of sport but avoid that kind of sport, and the list goes on and on.

With the enormous number of choices you have as to which path to or formula to follow, how do you work out what choices are right for you?

How do you work out what path will set you on the journey to holistic health?

Brain gut health relationship

The reason so many people are unhappy with their health and wellness is because their bodies are out of balance – they have been eating and exercising incorrectly for their body and mind type.

No matter how good and healthy the food is, or how committed someone is to exercise, if the food they are eating and movement they are doing is non conducive to their body type then they will experience nil positive results.

In fact, there is a high likelihood their results will be negative, as they are exerting more unnecessary ‘stress’ onto their body.

Imagine if we knew what our body specifically needs in order to feel extraordinary.

The magic of following your personal path is that it gives you the ability to follow programmes that uniquely fits your natural body and mind type. It takes the guess work out of knowing what is right for you.

  • ‘One size does not fit all’
  • ‘One diet does not fit all’
  • ‘One exercise regime does not fit all’

If you are determined in attaining ‘real’ and lasting health and wellness results then the RiverRidge fully immersive 100% Personalised retreats are for you. You will leave with new found energy levels; glowing skin; body fat loss; a stronger immunity to fight off disease and the re-claimant of your Mojo – our external is simply a reflection of our internal.

The 100% Personalised retreats at the RiverRidge venue are unique – the first of there kind- in that they find peoples natural and personal path to health and wellbeing. This is the only ‘real’ possible way to achieve synergy between body, mind and soul, and subsequently, have the long term daily holistic health and wellness you deserve.

The body needs to be in balance for it to realise its potential.

When the body is in balance it is cleared from toxins and dis-ease and is free to function naturally – Only then will results be achieved –  sustained weight loss, glowing skin, high daily energy levels, strong immunity, elimination of chronic aches and pains, and a revitalised you. Following from these positive physiological changes are positive inevitable psychological changes –  strong(er) emotional wellbeing, low(er) stress levels and less dis – ease of the mind. And this cycle continues, thus completely changing your life.

You can view the RiverRidge Personalised Retreats here.

A body free of stress naturally takes care of the rest – it really is this simple

In a world of information overload, you don’t need more information. You need clear direction: How to follow the best next step for you right now. That begins by knowing your personal, natural path.

We are each at a different level in our health. Your next step depends on exactly where you are right now.

Once we have clarity on where you are and where you are going, RiverRidge Health and Wellness 100% Personalised retreats provides you with the specific steps that show you HOW to get there. We do this using a series of tools and programmes personalised to you, based on your path and your level.

The RiverRidge Health and Wellness 100% Personalised retreats show you a personal path to how you energize, exercise and eat based on your body type and your mind type. Whether you’re looking to get fit, lose weight, improve your health or reduce your stress, RiverRidge Health and Wellness Personalised retreats will give you your natural path to get there.

The retreats focus on each person’s unique body and mind type allowing for a totally personalized approach. This is a very different approach than the one-size-fits-all approach which focuses on what is ‘healthy’ food or ‘good’ exercise for all.  RiverRidge health and wellness 100% Personalised retreats recognize that not all (good) food and exercise is good for every person and that our bodies all have a unique way of responding to specific foods and ways of exercising that will or will not contribute to our good health and vitality.

The RiverRidge Health and Wellness 8 Step Blueprint to Guaranteed Results

A proven 8 step formula to your health results has been designed on the back of 27 years of experience

Step 1

A change of environment so you are in the optimal ‘results oriented’ environment – a natural environment surrounded by nature. A change of environment is the foundation for positive health transformation.

Step 2

Finding out at which level you are at with your health and wellness by using the ‘Health and Wellbeing Spectrum test’.

Step 3

Determining at which level on the Spectrum you want to get to with your health and wellness.
  • Which levels of daily energy do you want to experience?
  • How strong would you like your immune system to be?
  • Are you experiencing chronic aches and pains?
  • Are you living a dynamic expression of life?
  • Where would you like your body weight to be at?
  • How about your emotional strength?

Step 4

Start eliminating the toxins in your body; increasing your digestive fire; stabilising and balancing your system.

Step 5

Finding out your body and mind type (10 different body types and 8 different mind types).

Step 6

The design and implementation of your personal nutrition and movement programme so you are eating and exercising naturally to your body and mind type.

Step 7

Using the ‘cutting edge’ RiverRidge health and wellness ‘tools and resources’ to guarantee transformation and result attainment.

Step 8

Follow on support – Now a part of the exclusive RiverRidge health and wellness Community you receive regular ongoing personal support and guidance.

2. General Body and Soul Retreats

Typically, the more generalised RiverRidge Retreats, are very popular for people wanting a health break and/or a health and fitness kick start without delving deep into personal health development. The more general Body and Soul retreats held at the RiverRidge venue are still personal, in that they are limited to 8 people, yet are not full immersion style programmes. You can view the General Body and Soul Retreats here.

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