Just about Easter! Unbelievable how fast the year has gone - a Wedding every weekend makes the time fly by!

Amazing see all the unique wedding themes that Bride and Grooms choose - it seems like we have had the lot - yet the next wedding produces yet another stunning theme to suit their individual personalities.

Its been quite common to see the entire retreat set up like a festival - with signs directing wedding guests to the 'outdoor games area' the 'kids babysitting area', and the 'swimming hole', the 'scenic garden with cups of tea area' etc.

With 15acres of land to use, it makes good sense to utilize it all for your guests, make it a real weekend getaway and celebration.

It is great to see all the family and friends relaxing and going around the venue catching up while partaking in activities together. - In fact just last weekend I saw the water slide in full action the grandparents, parents, and children were all giving it a go! And just prior to this they were all giving clay target shooting a crack also. And that was all only on the first day!

Time and time again, we are told just how important it is for the bride and groom that their wedding lasts for more than just an afternoon and evening - being able to arrive on Friday morning and stay right through until Sunday or Monday means so much to them, having all their family and friends together for a few days.


Believe it or not! winter weddings are becoming popular also, for several reasons - the winter garden is stunning, the cozyness of the fire, a special date to them, and of course great winter wedding discounts!

But first we are going to try fit in a week off with our wee girl to recharge the batteries ...not sure when yet but working on it :)

Anyway, I better go and continue organising the finer details for the 130 person wedding this weekend - will keep you posted.

Adele Dawkins

NZs Premier Wedding Planner