What's hot in Winter at RiverRidge Retreat

Winter hot or not?!

The Famous Catlins Rally is on this weekend. The road passing the retreat is closed for the entire weekend! Only a slight problem for us - because we hve future brides and grooms coming to the retreat every weekend over the winter - (as part of their wedding planning, we offer all future brides and grooms a complimentary stary for 2 nights, in our most luxurious units, so that they can plan the finer venue details for their special day)

I suppose 1 weekend out of 52 where the road is closed is not bad! And besides, the Catlin's Rally is a fantastic thing to watch and be involved with.

Although next year there will be 9 weddings at RiverRidge Retreat throughout the winter months so far. Winter weddings are now the 'in thing', at the retreat, future brides and grooms are loving the beautiful 'natural' winter photo opportunities, something different, and photos that capture the mist creeping over the mountain tops, and if they are lucky sometimes even capturing a white wedding! :)

Believe it or not - our own wedding day started, awakening to two foot of snow. It was absolutely stunning - especially as the sun was out and all we could see out of the retreat windows, was pieces of snow melting and falling off the native bushes. it was a real snugly feeling - all our loved ones and close friends, in the reception centre with the fire going, a real cosy moment.


There truly is something special about having a winter wedding in certain parts of New Zealand - NZs very own best kept secrets!

Bonfires toasting marshmallows, and big fireworks display with the sound cracking in the hills is fantastic winter wedding addition.

Right, speaking of winter best be off to stoke the fire some more.

Catch you all soon

Gary and Adele