Our Baby Girl Khloe

RiverRidge's baby girl Khloe has just turned 3months young!

Khloe our wee daughter was born last year on November 25th. She has had one heck of a adventure to date! and so has her Mum and Dad :).

After sitting down over a wine last night, as a wedding reception was taking place, we were chatting about Khloes' experiences to date. There have been two major positives of being RiverRidges baby girl..

1. She has learned to sleep through the popular band named 'Noise Complaint'. This band certainly lives up to its name - Khloe whos bedroom is just up from the function centre has now slept through 13 wedding receptions since she was born haha. Thanks guys she can now sleep through anything!!

2. The caterers often pop up for a cuddle with Khloe. This is fantastic for Mum and Dad as they never come up empty handed - we have been getting some delicious deserts ! lol

Happy 3 month birthday darling

Mum and Dad (Gary and Adele)