Gorgeous Wedding at RiverRidge Retreat this weekend

Renee and Mikes Wedding!

Wow this Wedding of Renee and Mikes, and the journey leading up to it, was so special and fun, it feels like an end of an era now that they are all married and off today, I just had to share it!

It all started back in August 2012 when Renee and Mike came to RiverRidge Retreat to see if this was the place for them. And it was! :). Since then Renee and I have been in touch several times planning out their special day.Renee was so super organised it was great... got to love those lists! And what a day, well actually weekend it turned out to be!

Check out some of the photos on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RiverRidgeRetreat, some of these are taken by yours truly, me!, and the outstanding ones from Shelley Povey Photography, who we are lucky enough to have right here on our doorstep in the Catlins, she does tonnes of our weddings here, and special deals for people who book through RiverRidge...YAY!.

Everyone arrived on Friday, it was super hot, and infact is been like this all weekend which is awesome!, they were all in such good spirits, we had several laughs getting this prepared, and even a boogie on the lawn to the music they were going to have haha.

The day all went to plan, except one of our TVS in the unit packed a sad...but never fear, Adele is here...I got my DIY hat on and fixed it up in no time :). No seriously it was fantastic day, kids everywhere having a ball hiding in all the bushes and garden, people having a few drinks and just generally enjoying themselves.

Local band Noise Complaint was the band, who was like usual awesome, and got everyone up and dancing!

Anyway just wanted to share the day as it was cool to be a part of! signing off now our wee 11week old baby has just woken up:)

Adele :)