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RiverRidge Retreats Health and Fitness Schedule for 2013

We’ve just completed our health and fitness retreat schedule for 2013. Make sure you watch our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RiverRidgeRetreat?ref=hl for regular and FREE Health and Fitness ‘cutting edge’ information from Gary Dawkins – writer for Body and Soul.

Some amazing types of retreats on offer for the first time next year – 2013.

Fat destruction, families weight loss, and Youth health and fitness. Did you know?-By adding just 1 kg of lean and toned muscle to your body, in 1 year, this 1 kg of muscle will have destructed 10 kg of body fat off you!

That’s why muscle is our ‘friend’ when it comes to fat destruction, and not our enemy!

Why a NZ First?

Because these retreats are different. They are all designed around long lasting changes rather than simply short term fads. Long lasting results is the backbone of the design of all of the RiverRidge Retreats (RRR’s) health and fitness retreats.

This means we take a 100% personalised approach so that you get 100% of the results you come for.

We also have 7 day, 5 day, and weekend weight loss retreats and fitness boot camp retreats.

All retreats include… A 100% personalised approach cutting edge presentations on the most up to date secrets personalised nutrition knowledge guaranteed results.

Did you know? One of the best methods for FAST and LASTING fat destruction only takes 8 minutes of your time a day!

RRR’s health and fitness retreats have been carefully designed on the back of 15 years of relentless testing and measuring – with a proven results guaranteed formula.

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