Film Crews at RiverRidge Retreat

Two Film Crews at RiverRidge Retreat

What an exciting couple of weeks at RiverRidge Retreat, we have been lucky enough to have two film crews stay with us here in the Catlin's whilst filming.

First Film Crew was Ozcam Productions, they were here in the Catlins filming for a new Korean Car that is coming out. They were down at Purakanui Bay and Jacks Bay filming. Unfortunately the weather wasn't kind to them, but it seems they got the footage they wanted anyway, which was great!

Can't wait to see the advertisement come out!!

Second Film Crew were from Southland Institute of Technology, they were here filming a short horror film utilizing all the magnificent scenery in the Catlin's. What a great bunch of people, they had heaps of fun and were a joy to have stay here. Thanks so much guys! :)

With the 'Two Little Boys' Film which has been in all major theatres of the last month or so, being filmed here in the Catlin's, and the above two also, we should be seeing a lot more of the beauty on our screens, very exciting stuff!

Well its a great sunny day here, so best get out and do the gardens...until next time.

Adele :)