Fundraising Event at RiverRidge Retreat - 'Ladies Day Out'!

'Ladies Day Out' Fundraising Event

Wow what a fantastic day we had yesterday here in the Catlins. We had a fundraising event for a gorgeous 3yr old boy Hadley, who has diabetes and has to be injected several times per day.

So some great friends of Hadleys family got together, and decided to put something together to help raise funds for an insulin pump, which will give him more freedom in his life, and better control over his blood glucose levels.

There were displays and stalls from very talented local people, coming from Southland, Otago and surrounds to the Catlins. There was jewellery, art, tupperware, clothes, makeup, massages, childrens toys...just to name a few!

There were great prizes (and lots of them) up for grabs, and fantastic refreshments like cupcakes, scones, sweets etc to snack away on all day. We also had a couple of fashion shows too, including Ember NZ -clothing range made right here in Owaka Catlins, and Annah Stratten showing us how to wear her dresses in several ways.

Also massage treatments, eyebrow shaping, makeovers etc were all going on all day up in Unit 10 here at RiverRidge. These all just added to the relaxing day! The kids were playing out on the grass with balls and badminton, while Mums were shopping :)

This kind of event just showed the strong community spirit and support for this great cause, and most importantly enough was raised for wee Hadley to get his insulin pump...FANTASTIC!

Can't wait to help more people in need, and have more of these events, no better feeling. Huge thank you to all that made yesterday the great day it was.

Adele :)

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